Spring Thaw

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    Ever pondered the whereabouts of all those autumn leaves after a while? Many get washed out into the nearest river or lake, where they silently decompose during the winter. In the decomposition process organic matter called humus is added to the water to give it a yellowish cast.

    This image was taken in April, during early spring thaw on a forest lake in which the yellow hue from humic matter is pretty evident. Remains of spring ice are to be seen as well, so the water temperature is very close to 0 degrees. Rather "refreshening" to put it mildly, but what doesn't one endure to capture the image? :biggrin:


    Nikon F3 with 20 mm Nikkor in an Aquatica housing
  2. Wow 0 degrees i am happy that i am in my home with 22 degrees. I never thought about what the decomposing leaves will do to the water.

    Thanks for sharing.

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