Squash Arms? (C+C needed)

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    My wife and I have a small garden, into which we planted a butternut squash. Unbeknownst to us (but knownst to squash lovers) it started going everywhere, including into our neighbors plants. So the neighbor found out that squash will grow just fine up a trellace of sorts so she was nice enough to arrange it on the railing around the porch for us. Last night I went out to take a couple macro shots to try and improve my lack-luster macro skills. I don't know what these parts of the squash plant are called so I called them squash arms because it's how they hang onto everything. Does anyone know what the real name for that part is? I'd love to hear some feedback on this because I need some serious improvement.

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  2. Generally speaking, those are tendrils.
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    That sounds a bit more appropriate than arms I guess...hehe...Thanks Sean!
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