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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gbenic, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. Every year, people "claim" their spot for the parade. There doesn't ever seem to be any theft, which is strange. Does this happen in your town?

  2. Not a chance!! This scene would be completely empty within a very short period of time. This would be reminiscent of a time long ago in a very small town up North! ;) 
  3. *LMAO* There's the difference between small town and big city. If those chairs were left on the street in Toronto, they'd be GONE in about 10 minutes!! *LOL* The homeless, the 'street wanderers' and anyone else would use the attitude "look what I found just laying on the street over there".
    I saw this behaviour at a beach resort in the tropics. Woman brought down a HUGE armful of Tshirts. Proceeded to drag over 75% of the beach chairs to a corner of the beach, and place a Tshirt on each one. She was 'reserving' them for her gang. She then walked off for breakfast at the outdoor restaurant. All the other beach chairs got scooped up in a heartbeat. I paid the same amount as her at this resort so I just went over and took a chair, placing the Tshirt carefully on top of one of the others. She beetled across that beach faster than a cheetah and there was a showdown. Needless to say, I maintained ownership of the chair at the end. Everyone else on the beach came over and sided with me about her lacking the ability to share, about how you can't just hoarde chairs thinking one of your friends might need one during the day. Even her husband got into the act, but hey, I negotiate for a living - I wasn't backing down or giving up. She'd been doing this on a daily basis and yet no one seemed to want to take her on - they just bitched quietly amongst themselves.
    Sometimes these quaint little customs can grow to be very unfair for the rest of the general public.
    I notice that all these chairs are tied to each other so no one else can get into the line. Someone with a pair of scissors could have a LOT of fun!! :wink:
  4. Well Greg, I am glad to say that this would work just fine in my town as well. My brother-in-law was just here for a visit and lost his wallet on the street. It had $300 in it plus credit cards and some kind soul turned it in to the shopkeeper nearby who was able to use his business card to call his cell phone and return the wallet. Everything was intact. He was amazed to get it back at all. This type of thing happens on a regular basis here.
  5. Does this happen on Earth!!!

    Gee, you ARE blessed with communion behavior in the part of the world you live in...
  6. Where are you located? I could use some new outdoor furniture... :wink:
  7. I live in LA where your fellow man tends to show a lot of finger and loud expletives being yelled during traffic. Big city life is fun! :biggrin:
  8. Jonathan, Toronto is quickly becoming like an American big city - I no longer lift the finger in traffic in case it's answered with a gun. There have been quite a few roadside fights, including weapons, due to traffic disputes! *LOL* Things are getting crazier by the minute out there. Thank heavens I work from home! Strangely though, I know a lot of folks, me included, who've lost valuables and had them returned, including a wallet with $1,300 cash. Guess we're all just honest but cranky folks! LOL
  9. Yep, at least 3 times a year! We have 3 big parades, one in the morning in May, one in the afternoon in August and one at night in November. People set their chairs and blankets out at least 3-4 hours before the parades are scheduled to begin. No theft problems at all in this small city!
  10. Interesting replies.

    Sommer, these aren't out hours before the parade, people set them out a week before the parade! I have set up my chair for the July 4th fireworks and let it sit in the field. Now this is at a Christian festival and only for a couple of hours. I don't think it is the same thing, though.

    This afternoon I saw 4 or 5 55 gallon drums with 2x4s across the top to reserve a spot! I just laugh every year!
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