St. Anthony's Feast, Boston

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  1. This weekend marks the largest festival in Boston's North End (Italian part of town) called St. Anthony's Feast.

    My in-laws were in town and we decided to head down as my b-in-law is a pizza lover and he loves Pizzeria the original location.

    Hanover Street was surprisingly quiet, tonight (Sunday) the majority of the festival is down by Pizzeria Regina (since they're a big sponsor).

    The wait is usually horrendous, but this year they had an outside dining area which we were seated pretty quickly. Afterwards we walked back up to Hanover Street for some gelato and tried to get into Mike's Pastries for some cannoli, but the line was around the corner and too long.

    1. This band of scooters/mopeds came down Hanover St, surprised me before I could set this quick shot first. Kind of like it for the blur to the left, and, the guy filming me, will be curious if it shows up on YouTube.

    2. More of the group.

    3. Looking down Hanover Street, this church is opposite the back of the Old North Church (the lanterns for Paul Revere :wink:) 

    4. Entertainment at Pizzeria Regina.

    5. A view of the outdoor seating area.

    6. This woman had quite a crowd doing a Village People type of show.

    7. Throughout the day they bring the Saint out, and people contribute. They march it down the street to various businesses for contributions; people are free to contribute as well. You give them a dollar bill (or more) and they keep extending the chains.

    8. My daughter at the left, making a contribution to the girl on the cellphone. The guy cut in at the wrong time :mad: 

    9. Part of the band that accompanies the Saint around.
  2. shtarka1


    Feb 1, 2008
    Great Set Chris!! Love The Feast!!!
  3. Very cool series ........

  4. kgilby


    Oct 2, 2007
    Great series and a great story. We were there in 2004 with 2 of our daughters and caught some of the festivities. The North End is my favorite area of the city. Here's one from that trip:


  5. thanks Ken (& Steve, Bob). Nice shot, Modern Pastry is very good, Mike's gets all the tourist attraction but there are many other good pastry shops on Hanover.
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