St Mary's Catholic Church, B&W

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  1. Been working on rebuilding my B&W portfolio, mostly from the 80s - converting to digital. This is my only Nikon-related one so far... Shot with my Nikon F and 50mm f1.4 on Kodak Technical Pan B&W film shot at ASA20, I used to shoot the Tech-Pan at ASA10-20 and processed in Technidol. My notes say it was 1/15s at f11, not sure how accurate that was.


    My other non-Nikon B&Ws are on my smugmug site.
  2. Very nice shot. It's so sharp, it has an almost digital look. It's nice to see some film shots here.
  3. Like the composition! The trees, the gravestones, etc... frame the church nicely. I wonder if you had shot from a slightly different angle, could you have gotten the whole church in?
  4. Yup, probably could have. The back of the church isn't far off the frame. I suspect I was concentrating too much on the tree branch overhanging (and framing the church) the top of the frame. I have trouble remembering what I had for lunch yesterday and I shot the church in 1988 so... :wink:
  5. Scott

    The more I look at this image the more I like it! The variety of shades are really captivating and really showcase the church itself.

    Great to see, what I believe are the important things in photography, shine through in these days of "galloping technology"!
  6. True enough! I was engrossed with Tech Pan for quite awhile. They used to have a tag on the box that said "4x5 quality in 35mm", or something to that effect. It was an extremely tough film, extremely low grain, very high resolution, and an interesting contrast response.

    Thanks for the comments...
    Here's another one on the same strip of film, same set-up with the camera:

    Click for larger image
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