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  1. Made you look! :smile: One more from the studio "shoot", same set-up as the first.

  2. Ouch! Not feelin' the love! :wink: Is the problem the subject matter or the quality? :smile:
  3. whyhan


    Jun 14, 2006
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    Yup, made me look. Interesting. What are they?
  4. made me look too. pellet gun ammo
  5. I personally like the image. Interesting choice of subject matter but I enjoy it. Quality looks good too. I prefer the other one you posted though.
  6. Thanks for looking! I almost gave up checking on these threads :smile:. I know these aren't greenery/bugs (esp. DRAGONS!) that everyone here seems to like, but I like doing this kind of stuff, too.

    Yup. .177 cal.

    Thanks. I liked the dynamics of the other better as well, this one was taking before I got the idea for the other.
  7. Shaun don't give up, great close up... Sometimes the responses are slow here... It's not DPreview... thank God!