Staffa and Fingal's Cave

Mar 1, 2015
Westmorland UK
As a recent "Big Birthday" gift my wife gave me a cruise with a difference. It was in a converted Irish fishing boat, the "Glen Massan", one of four boats operating in the Hebrides for owners "The Majestic Line." It was fabulous and included this visit to Staffa and Fingal's Cave:

1. Staffa, Fingal's Cave at right.
Staffa by warth man, on Flickr

2. The first party from the Glen Massan head in towards the cave.
Staffa/Fingal's Cave by warth man, on Flickr

3. To give an idea of scale, you can just see the first party coming back out from the cave here.
Staff/Fingal's Cave 2 by warth man, on Flickr

4. Our turn to enter the cave.
Fingal's Cave by warth man, on Flickr

5. Entering the cathedral; amazing rock formations.
Fingal's Cave 2 by warth man, on Flickr

6. Further in.
Fingal's Cave 3 by warth man, on Flickr

7. Well inside now and experiencing the acoustics as one of our number sings a few notes.
Fingal's Cave 4 by warth man, on Flickr

8. As far in as we could safely go due to the swell.
Fingal's Cave 5 by warth man, on Flickr

I opted for auto ISO throughout and even though it reached 12800 for some shots I was really pleased with the results from the D750 and the modest 24-85mm VR in really quite dark conditions. I was even more pleased with the gift. SWMBO knew what she was doing with this one!

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