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Stand Development - Northern Hemisphere...

Discussion in 'Film Forum' started by stealthman_1, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Well I'll be darned, it didn't come out backwards or swirl the wrong way...:biggrin:
    Big thanks to Lynn, this was a lot of fun. I thought this 1895 powerhouse would be a good candidate due to the black equipment and white and stone walls.
    Efke100, 2.5 minutes continuous gentle agitation, Rodinal 1:100, 60 minutes untouched, stopped and fixed for five minutes.
    Turbine Floor
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    Power House
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    Adox100, same soup as before.
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    Equipment...This may be the finest camera I own. Pre-War, German built Kodak with f4.5 Anistigmat and Compur shutter. This camera works like butter, it is just leagues above anything else in build quality.
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  2. Tim,

    Good stuff. I would recommend that you only agitate for 1 minute at the beginning. I have found that it helps hold the highlights a little better. But these look great.

    Glad that your experiment worked.
  3. great shots
    fascinating about the method of devopment

    l like these a lot
  4. Thanks, like I said it was a lot of fun and I'll do it again for sure. The Turbine floor has a large sliding, barn like door that makes for nasty reflections off the black steel. I think Lynn's exactly right on the shorter agitation time, but I'm thinking about lengthening the total time a bit....too much of a good thing?:rolleyes:  Actually I have some shots from a few weeks ago done normally from the Hussy...if I'd get them in the scanner I'd have something to compare too. Fun, fun, thanks to all of you film shooters who keep me finding new things.:smile:
  5. Tim,

    My understanding is that while time is a factor, so is the film speed and dilution. Apparently, if you are using Rodinal in high dilution, the developer basically works till exhaustion and then stops. There was a poster over at Flickr, who fell asleep and left his film in the tank for 8hrs and they turned out fine.

    Longer times usually are combined with high dilution rates, 1:200 or above, and higher film speed. Say you want to push Tri-X to 1600, you would use a very high dilution rate of say 1:250 for 2 hours, this help control the grain size and open the shadows.

    Equally important is agitation. I am not going to go into all the technicalities cause I do not understand them completely myself, but less agitation lowers highlight development and more agitation raises highlight development. So if you are getting highlights on the edge, I found the best thing to do is cut back the agitation.

    So far my best results are coming from 1 full minute of slow inversions at the beginning and stand for 59 minutes. Also make sure your developer is thoroughly mixed and that you really thump the tank to be sure there are no air bubbles in the solution for the best results.

    I so far have used 'stand development' on Efke 25, Efke 50, Efke 100 at rated speed and plus one stop, Ilford Pan F, and Plus-X. All the films have turned out brilliantly.
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