Start of Soccer Season with my new lens

Discussion in 'Photojournalism, Candids and Street Photography' started by Mitchell, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. Finally had our first soccer game of the season, yesterday. I've been itching to try my new 180mm on my D2X. Unfortunately, it was noon on a sunny day. The harsh lighting was a challenge. The focus on my D2X blows away my D70. Please give me any advice and comments to improve as the season progresses.

    Play ball!





    Penalty kick...
  2. Mitch,

    Nice work> Shoot from the corners...sound in raw mode....bring alot of flash cards...find a comfortable chair, your work flow will double.
  3. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Hi Mitch,

    I aspire to shoot sports for a living once I retire from my career in less than three years. I have asked some pro sports shooters to critique my images and the resounding comment is to crop my images real tight to enhance the play at hand. Everyone has their own shooting style and there is no right or wrong way to do sports images. My recommendation (which was recommended to me when I became so interested in shooting sports) is to buy some sports magazines and review the images that the pros shoot. Their images seldom feature more than two players in focus, the backgrounds are blurred as to not distract from the interest of the image, don't always shoot from a standing position...try shooting from your knees or even from your belly which will add a unique orientation and the images are cropped tight to feature facial expressions. If there is something special to be learned about sports photography, it's how to capture action at it's peak and how to successfully crop to weed out what is not necessary. I have shot, what I thought were great sports images, only to be critiqued by pros who thought that my images were way too loose. If you have a longer focal length lens, give it a try and shoot wide open to blur the background to maximize the interest of the action at hand and don't be afraid to crop tight on some images. We're all learning here and I hope that I have offered something that will help you enjoy your photography even more and please keep posting so we all can learn from your experiences.
  4. Great comments! I appreciate the input.

    Cropping pics seems to be my downfall. I am really torn as to what I want to do with my shots. My wife is always eager to make prints. I therefore usually crop to 4x6 for ease of printing at Costco.

    Artistically the 4x6 dimension is stifling to say the least! I may just have to crop some shots for my own enjoyment and give my wife the 4x6 crops for her prints.
  5. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    One important thing for sure, Mitch...there truly is no right or wrong, these are your images and they are captured for your enjoyment. When the pros critiqued my images, I was taken aback when they said that they were too loose...I can only assume that cropping images tightly is something that they are taught in school. Cropping is very tough to do and sometimes I think that I ruin some images because of tight cropping. I'd love to get my hands on a book that explains the technique so I could learn a better grasp on how to do it correctly.
  6. marc

    marc Guest

    [​IMG] 1st crop

    [​IMG] 2nd

    [​IMG] 3rd

    [​IMG] original

    i hope you don't mind, i did some cropping for you.

    i do a great deal of sports and love to crop, your images were displayed at 100%, therefore the cropping leaves them very small.
    normally when i shoot, i compose tighter, then crop from tighter shot.

    it looks lke these photos were taken from far away, or you may not have had the correct lens. then you zoomed to see them better

    try using longer lens, then when you shoot, shoot tighter, then when you crop, it is spectacular.

    look at my photo of the jester in the contest forum, this is a crop, very dramatic.
    i think this is what you are trying to accomplisn.
    do not be afraid of shooting tighter. use a zoom,, so you can get really close.
    i hope this is helpful

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