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starting over

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by Randy, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. I'm thinking about shooting sports again. Since I sold all my 2.8 glass I'll be starting over.

    What lens would you buy 1st if you could buy anything ?
  2. Same one I own now. 400mm 2.8 E FL. Having owned the G version, you'll love the new F.
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  3. I've been in touch with our friend already. And on the D5 I'm drooling. The problem is I may never be allowed to show anyone my high school pics because of the new rules. I'm re reading them again now
  4. Exactly what I shoot. Too bad it's $$$$$. Sweet lens though.
  5. but compared to the D4 + 400g it's a new world
  6. 'Tis indeed.
  7. The D4 struggled at 8k, which is what you need down here. And the 400g literally hurt my back on that monopod up and down the field. The D5 shoots in the dark....I'm looking forward to shooting it at 8k
  8. Russ_


    Feb 20, 2011
    New Zealand
    I'm really enjoying my D500 and Sigma 120-300 S (180-450 of reach).
  9. If you're considering spending the type of money needed for a 400e, maybe you should take a look at the new 180-400e. With the built in TC, you would be covered for near and far on the field.
  10. 2.8 is mandatory for the light and the BGs. Only 2 lenses will do, the 300 and 400
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  11. for day soccer that was my go to combo. I still have a D500 and the 120-300 is on my radar. It's interesting starting over when you know what you used a lot and what you didn't. I use to have a Nikon 300 VR1 and a Sigma 120-300. I wouldn't get 2 300's again. My next purchase will probably be a 70-200 or a 24-70 but a D5 and a 400e can go along way, football and soccer anyway, which are my 2 favorite sports
  12. You will LOVE the 70-200 2.8 E.
  13. I’m not sure I’ll get the e this time
    In hind sight I rarely used my 70-200.
    In the most used category the 120-300 comes in 2nd place
    for soccer. The 24-70 for BB but I doubt I’ll get the new VR version. Now that I know what I wished I knew then I can save some bucks wo losing IQ. The 400 is really all I need for what I love, football and soccer.
  14. I have the 70-200 and recommend it highly. It’s a great sports lens.
  15. From where I have to shoot high school football (goal line to the 20 on each end, NCHSAA rules) I have to have 300mm min and preferably 400. I would be happy shooting the 1st 70-200 for sports but I don't know what sport, maybe soccer in the day on a crop body. The things that made the vr2 and fl better don't really matter (to me) in sports, all 3 70-200's are great lenses but so is the new Tamron. A lot has changed in 10 years when I 1st bought my sports glass
  16. 400mm E + D5 and be done with it. You will make that combo sing.

    I'm eagerly awaiting the first photos.
  17. Randy, earlier you mentioned something about not being able to show anyone photos because of new rules. Curious what you meant? I sometimes shoot dog sports, usually held on a high school football field. My most used lens is the 70-200, sometimes with a 1.4 TC. I’m not dealing with low light, these events are always done during the day.
  18. I’m gonna get the 120-300 1st since it’s a great deal now
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  19. The NCHSAA decided if your shooting on the field then they own your pics. Luckily maxpreps can sell them for me
  20. If you ever decide to switch to Sony E-Mount they have a 400mm f2.8 coming out next month that comes in 2 lbs. lighter than the Nikon.
    Don't know how it performs compared to the Nikon but 2 lbs. means a lot to me.
    In my case Age + Back problems
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