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  1. Say all,

    Didn't there use to be a sticky with links and discussion of good photography shareware and freeware?

    OK, maybe I just imagined it?

    What is a program that I can convert NEF->JPG. I use Nikon Capture CS2 at home but, needed something to use at work. I was thinking ACR? But I thought it was just a plug-in?

    Anyone got some suggestions?

    Ok, I am braindead. I was thinking of RSE NOT ACR! Anyway......

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  2. bpetterson

    bpetterson Guest

    Nikon View will convert.

  3. Ohh. Really. Seems reasonable.

    Dang, that is what I use at work. I thought I had done it before. But today, loaded up a file and then was stuck. I was in a rush though.

    Birger. Thanks - I wil figure it all out tomorrow.

  4. heiko


    May 15, 2005
    NikonView will do as long as you don't use the D-Lighting feature in NC and try to open the NEF in NikonView afterwards.
  5. Picmantec RawShooter essentials 2005 will convert from
    NEF to JPG.

    I think it is still free.
  6. Thanks for the responses.

    Just curious, how NC D-Lighting causes problems in NView? And I think it also causes problems for Microsoft Raw Viewer. I know sometimes when I make mods to a NEF file in NC, MS Rawviewer will not display it.

    Thanks again.