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Discussion in 'People' started by Farmergirl, Mar 28, 2007.

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  2. Hey Sarah, some thoughts. Since you marked this C+C, I'll give you some things that I might have done a little differently.

    1. I like the idea, but might have worked better as a horizontal crop.

    2. I like the soft lighting and perspective on this...nice.

    3. My favorite of the bunch...I only wish the lady's shadows on her face matched the shadows of the girl's face (which I *really* like).

    4. I like this one as well..

    All in all, I think you captured some very different lighting situations well...very well for your first attempt. Keep it coming!
  3. The third one is my favorite. It takes time to train your eye to see like a camera so keep shooting.
  4. Thanks for your comments. they really help. i love taking pics and this really helps.
  5. Nice shots. I really like #3. The only thing that kills it is the shadow on the adult female's right eye. It would have been great if her eye was showing.
  6. Terri French

    Terri French

    May 5, 2005
    I'm just learning, too! I found a resource that has helped me--

    You've made a great start. I guess if we both just keep practicing we'll get better and better!