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Still playing with lights

Discussion in 'Formal Portraits and Weddings' started by Mitchell, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Finally have my son home from camp. He's a good sport and always willing to help with my photos.

    When I took out my new lights, my wife officially declared that photography has become my midlife crisis!:eek:  I told her it was still cheaper than a Ferrari or a girlfriend!:tongue:

    Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. These were done with two lights (except as noted).

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    This one with a single light and a reflector. Doesn't seem like my reflector was placed very well, but I like the darkness on the left.
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    Samantha took this one. She asked for silly faces!:cool: 

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    Still trying to figure out lighting placement and ratios. Fun to play with these now that I have a model who allows for more than 5 shots!
  2. mitch,
    you know that i shouldn't be giving anyone advice about these issues
    2 looks better than 1 (which need more hair-light, i think)
    3 is the best of the first 3
    admittedly, lighter-colored hair lights up better
    #4 is dramatic... you are right that the reflector could have been positioned a bit better

    the funny face one that sam captured....
    i mean no offense when i say... it's my favorite... as YOUR head lights up BEST OF ALL

    glad the family is re-united
    is stef home yet?
  3. Mitchell,
    I think that photography is my mid-life crisis, too!! But, it's so much fun when you have grandkids that I can't resist.

    It seems to me that you got good coverage with your lights on the first three. I like the drama of the 4th one best. The one Sam took is certainly the most fun. I haven't had my lights out for a while. I guess I better think about using them again, soon.
  4. In your 2 light setup, there's little difference in intensity between the two sources, which resulted in flat lighting. Lower one of your strobes by an f/stop or two, and you'll get more of a 3D appearance... which is why you like #4. My fave is #3, because your model is clearly so delighted to see you. What a doll :Love:.
  5. niknd501


    May 13, 2006
    Mitch - these look really nice. I like the one of Samantha. She's a doll.
    I'm thinking the ratio should be around 4 - 1. . If you still have an SB800
    put it behind the subject down low and put it in "remote" mode and that
    will light your backdrop. Seems I have read that it creates more of a 3d
    effect. Or use it as a hairlight. .

    Photography - definiatly cheaper than a girlfriend. . Married guys with
    girlfriends usually end up losing a house. LOL

    Good to see the kids all together and smiling.
  6. Thanks for looking, UF. I've been playing with the ratios a bit. My wife seems to prefer pretty flat lighting.:frown: Most of these are 2:1 ratios. When I go much above this my wife seems to gripe about the shadows. Even when I point out how much more dimensionality the photos have. Oh well, got to please the client!

    I'll keep playing with the ratios for my own satisfaction.
  7. Rod, I was hoping you would see these.

    I did play a little with an sb800 lighting the background. All I wound up with was a wrinkly looking background!:mad:  I'm not sure how best to position this light , what setting to use, and what modifier would work best.

    I'd like to put some gels on the background light to get some color if I could figure it out! I could see how it would work as a hairlight if you build a snoot on it.

    Where are your bee portraits? I've been waiting!! Get moving.
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