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Stop Dog Barking! Amazing!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by photogfellow, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. photogfellow

    photogfellow Guest

    (NOTE: I have absolutely no connection to the company selling this, or the manufacturer)

    I never thought this thing would work! I was sure it was another piece of junk designed to just take my money.

    On the other hand, I was desperate! So I bought one.

    My neighbor has two Pit Bulls. They bark at anything and everything, day or night.
    To make it worse, my neighbor recently did landscaping, added a pool, and to keep the dogs from ruining it, also had a dog run built along our adjoining privacy fence.

    So, after looking at these devices for a couple of years, I looked again. This time I found a "new" one. With all the features in one unit. As soon as it arrived I "installed it".

    I'm amazed, astounded, dazzled and deleriously happy. It works wonderfully!

    Even when I was just doing some gardening right next to the fence the dogs remained silent. No noises, people, cars, other dogs barking or anything else cause these dogs to bark! Once in a great while there is a tentative bark that stops instantly!

    Here's some info on this MIRACLE MACHINE:



  2. If this works as advertised, my life may suddenly get more peaceful
  3. For ever action, theres an equal and opposite

    :eek:  Unfortunately,this would be a great tool for thieves if these claims are true.
  4. Sounds nice! Every time I try to go out in the back yard and practice photographing birds, the neighbor's dog scares my birdeis away! :mad: 
  5. photogfellow

    photogfellow Guest

    It works. I and we feel as you want to!
  6. photogfellow

    photogfellow Guest

    Sure.....the same neighbor's kid has had stuff of his stolen and either the dogs didn't bark, or more likely they were barking as usual and since they bark at anything and everything, and I think they even bark to keep themselves amused, no one noticed, so the thieves came back a second time! :cool: 

    As for professional burglars, one of the things that makes them "professional" is that they have no problem with dogs or burglar alarms either......:eek: 
  7. I love dogs. I'm a dog guy not a cat person But it never stops amazing me how totally inconsiderate some owners are. I've had barking dog's from neighbor's at all hours of the night some how it does not bother them.
    I'd rather shock collar the owner.
    For those that say a good guard dog barks BS. They bark at a threat not a cat at 2 am or they are very badly trained.

  8. Can this gizmo be programmed to recognize a mother-in-law's voice?
  9. photogfellow

    photogfellow Guest

    My mother-in-law is a sweet person and I enjoy her company. :Love:

    If you figure a way to program these for that let me know.:D epressed

  10. Where I live, the houses are on top of each other. Their Sumoa (sp?) has this screaching bark, because nobody pays attention to him. He's left outside for hours on end, no attention, no shelter, no water, and he gets upset when the kids are playing and he's stuck on the leash. I feel for the dog, but he's literally 10' away from my bedroom window.
  11. I don't suppose this could be adjusted to work with geese could it?

    Our geese are laying now and keep honking for no apparent reason and also when having a dispute over the prime nest site, nest to the house wall.

    Right at the moment they are getting on nerves something rotten.
  12. photogfellow

    photogfellow Guest

    I don't know! If the Geese can hear the sound it might.....it also has an audible sound (you can select audible or inaudible) and maybe the audible would work.....but I doubt it!
  13. photogfellow

    photogfellow Guest

    This should work on that @^#$^ dog.....

    "left outside for hours on end, no attention, no shelter, no water,"

    That is Animal Cruelty, and you should photograph the condition and report it to the local Animal Control, AND Humane Society. Plus get one of these devices!
  14. Nothing worse than a yappy little dog.... OK TWO yappy little dogs. Most folks don't know how to train a dog, and as soon as they get outside, they feel they have to announce to the world "I'm here!". Yap at the moon, yap at their own shadow! I wonder if this thing has to be line-of-sight setup or can the high pitch sounds feed around buildings enough?
  15. photogfellow

    photogfellow Guest

    The manual says that it detects barks from up to 75 feet away.....it's inaudible soundwaves reach 200 feet away.

    It worked through a wood privacy fence close to two of the dogs.

    It should be positioned for "line of sight", and they advise that a fence can impede the sound waves. I think around a corner would not work.....but maybe worth a try?

    I've moved our unit, hung it from a tree limb above our fence to get two more dogs.....one behind my neighbor, and one on the OTHER side of my neighbor.....if it stops the "little yapper" behind my neighbor I'll be happy, and if it stops the dogs on the OTHER side of my neighbor I'll be happily amazed...so far nothing from any of the dogs since I moved it and they barked a couple of times which would have sent the soundwaves to train them!
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 2, 2007
  16. Paul, are you going to eventually tell your neighbour about it or just keep it stealth? :biggrin:
  17. SteveK


    Mar 16, 2005
    Hmmm, there are a couple hundred dogs within 1/2 mile of our house....6 or 7 dog teams, two lots with 75+ dogs.....but fortunately, the owners are pretty good, and the dogs don't bark except at feeding time, and when they are getting harnessed up to go for a run, or there is a loose dog, or a bear, or a moose in the yard.
  18. The higher the frequency, less likely it is to penetrate or reflect. Think of the kid down the street with the car and that thumping you hear a block away. You don't hear the high frequency, just that thumping.
  19. photogfellow

    photogfellow Guest

    Nothing to tell....that green box hanging from the tree is a Yellow Jacket trap.

    I haven't noticed the dogs barking less......
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