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Stopped chuntering about D700 to take some pics

Discussion in 'People' started by PeterRH, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. PeterRH

    PeterRH Guest

    Still glad I kept a D2x back...took it to my daughter's school sports day to do some stuff for myself.




    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 2, 2008
  2. Certainly you are mistaken. You cannot take such good looking photos with that camera!!
  3. PeterRH

    PeterRH Guest

    I know, felt guilty even getting the camera out of the bag for fear of one of the other parents ridiculing me using obsolete DX equipment.

    To make it worse I used the 70-200VR which has been declared a disaster zone on 'proper' cameras.

    Needless to say after a few shots I tucked it all back in the bag and scuttled off home before I was chased out.

    Thanks for the comment trying to make me feel better, but the guilt lives on.....
  4. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    wow, the gizmo still works ..lol

    nice shots Peter
  5. shtarka1


    Feb 1, 2008
    There's A Spot In The Smithsonian For That Relic....Next To Archie Bunker's Chair & Fonzy's Leather Jacket!:biggrin: Great Shots!!
  6. kjohansen

    kjohansen Guest

    Nice shots.. I loved my D2X, but sold it.

    Hmm, the 70-200 a disaster? I have one and love that lens.. It shoots just fine on my D3's or my D300.
  7. PeterRH

    PeterRH Guest

    NO..please get it into your brain right now as I have had to do.

    The 70-200 DOES NOT work on FX.

    The 70-200 DOES NOT work on FX.

    Exterminate. Exterminate (in Dalek voice please).

    Any pictorial evidence to the contrary is to be disregarded as circumstantial only.
  8. PeterRH

    PeterRH Guest

    Steve you've captured the very essence of my attitude to this stalwart of pre-historic digital technology.

    I lovingly dust it off every night, knowing there cannot be many more days before it is retired for the last time.

    Your words move me.
  9. PeterRH

    PeterRH Guest

    Appreciate the comments about the shots I had to squeeze out of this - dare I even call it? - DSLR.

    Had to wind up the old springs to make it work though, wouldn't go past 6fps without a kick or two up the battery chamber.
  10. Fets25


    May 1, 2006
    Streetsboro, OH
    LOL, too funny.

    I was really upset that when the D200 came out Nikon remotely activated a virus that reduced the image quality of my D100's.

    Then to top it all off when the D300 came out Nikon again remotely activated another virus that disabled the shutter on my D100's.

    I fear now that the D700 is out my D100's will self destruct when exposed to sunlight.
  11. I shudder every time Nikon releases a new camera for I know that the next three months will be taken up with bloviating about it. Thank goodness someone is still taking pictures with their ancient gear. I actually went out and shot some with my D100, not to mention my D2H an D200. Now that is ancient.

    Nice shots of your cute little girl.
  12. kjohansen

    kjohansen Guest

    Ok, so I read through the review of the 70-200 on DPreview... So corner softening and some vignetting. First, almost every lens on the planet has some amount of corner softening. Many who have shot film and slides have never seen the softening. So this is nothing new and with cropping goes away. Second, vignetting, probably the least of the problems with the lens. In the menus there is a vignetting control. I still would like to see Nikon fix the lens and make it better. What they did with the new 105mm is great stuff. That lens is so sharp you have to be careful with it when shooting portraits.

    So, with a DX sensor this lens gets great reviews. With the FX sensor, gets a recommended. It still can be used, you just have to pay attention to what might occur in your image.
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