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Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by Chris C, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. Alright then..............I've been convinced to shoot in RAW. Even "biting the bullet" and going to have a big and powerful computer built to run NX at a decent speed. But one of the things I'm concerned about is storage. It was suggested I get a second hard drive with about 500GB. But everyone knows that all hardrives fail at some point. So tell me why I wouldn't just want to forget the extra HD and put all my images on CDs or DVDs for storage?
  2. technick


    Jun 8, 2007
    Atlanta, GA
    Well for starters, CD/DVD backups are not convenient. I'd like to see how long it takes you to find a disk from three years ago opposed to having the data directly accessible on your machine. Also if the pictures are archived off like that, you can't use programs like lightroom to catalog and search through them.

    If someone wanted to backup to CD/DVD, I would recommend using high end archival gold discs. You know the ones guaranteed to last 100 years. The cheap CD/DVD discs break down over time and become useless. I've seen this happen within a 5-6 year time frame.

    Also secure your CD/DVD collection in a cool dark place.

    Depending on the software you use to write the disk, it might not be a bad idea to verify the write afterwards.

    CD/DVD discs damage easily, I recommend using QuickPAR to make CRC recovery records for the images. That way if the disc some how was slightly damaged and you could retrieve most but not all of the images from the disc, you can rebuild the missing images from PAR files

    If any of the above doesn't turn you off to CD/DVD backups, then go for it.

    I handle my backups slightly different. I have 1.4TB of storage in my primary desktop system and 1.6TB in my network storage system. I keep all of my images directly on my primary desktop and run nightly backups to my network storage system. Once a month I upload all of the important photos from the previous month to my online webhost in Truecrypt containers (I have 400+ gigs of storage on my webhost). So that way if my house was to burn down, I have backups off site.
  3. Trailfinder

    Trailfinder Guest

    Ok Technick - I am a newbie to "some" of what you're talking about - I just purchased a 500 gig Seagate for my desk top, and a 120 gig "firelite" (??) for my lap top. I know about using external hd's for backing up photos etc... BUT tell me how to set up (maybe what type of cost is involved??) or what it takes to get 400 gigs of storage online...I don't know what "Truecrypt Containers are....

    Thanks for your help...

    Brad G...

  4. Now THATS a turnoff!!!!!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
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