Storm clouds over the Great Basin

Apr 7, 2006
Looking west, just over the Utah line, a spring storm brews. This is a composite of an IR and BW image.

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Jan 25, 2009
Actually, I'm curious as well to see the 2 versions, because I'm thinking of doing the same, but with color images.
Apr 7, 2006
The process is a bit archaic and looking at the RAW files wont help much. If you're old school and are used to manual everything, not so bad. First you need an IR sensitive camera (not converted) like the D100, an IR filter, a hotshoe finder for composing, a substantial tripod and head that will guarantee perfect registration as exposure time for IR can be several seconds, and a manual focus lens with an IR compensation mark.

Ready to work?
- Pre-focus, compensate for IR. Use a lens that doesn't flare, not too small of f-stop.
- Mount the IR filter but don't tighten, you need to remove it for your standard shot without losing registration.
- Take shots, bracket like crazy by changing shutter speed NOT f-stop without jiggling camera.
- Remove filter, refocus for normal light (best set-up is a lens that gives infinity focus for most f-stops), bracket for exposure as needed. Pray there was no breeze in the trees. Doing a Panorama? everything times 2 or 4.

Post: Unlike a converted camera your IR shot will be blood red because you can't take a WB reading with that filter on because you will have the wrong WB for the standard shot, you need to adjust WB in post, CNX2 is great for this, ACR can't handle it. Process the 2 images separately, layer, blend to taste, convert to BW of so desired, reprocess to taste. Voila, instant snapshot!
May 14, 2008
Well if I'd have known it was that easy!:biggrin:
Thanks for the explanation, very interesting.:smile:

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