Strange light

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  1. the smoky mountains remind me of the Isle of Skye

    1 minute it was a near white out and then suddenly it cleared. This is kinda like the eagle catching the fish right in front of you. For a second you just watch in disbelief (well no watching for the eagle).

    If you're in the neighborhood we are at peak color around Grandfather's Mountain



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  2. Beautiful colors, good lead in line on #1 and I love the low hanging clouds.
  3. Nicely done Randy. Love the composition in number 1 with the road leading the eye.
  4. thanks Bob

    I like roads up here where forgrounds are hard to come by

    thanks Gordon
  5. Looks like the woods are on fire. Stunning!
  6. The first one is especially a gem with its great lines and layers.
  7. West


    Jan 2, 2012
    Vancouver BC
    Fall in the East is tops.
  8. thanks Rick
    I love shooting these places anyway, throw in the candy store and it's amazing
    thanks Mike
  9. Amazingly beautiful Randy, especially like that last shot. Well done my friend.
  10. Hi Randy. I love the composition and colors in #1. The white clouds add to the scene a lot and the road makes a good leading line. #3 looks very nice with the reflections and fall colors.#2 looks nice with colors and composition too. So, a very nice set :)
  11. Success comes to the prepared! Such lovely soft, clean light.
  12. Beautiful Autumn colours, hope you did not park on the double lines in #1.:eek:

  13. Thanks Louie
    Thanks for the detailed comment, I appreciate you taking the time
    Thanks nick, catching good light comes from waiting or being lucky
    Thx Alan, I was on the other side of the road, parking is difficult
  14. Great captures of the fall colours. I like #2 especially because it shows the great extent of the forest as the colours change.
  15. Thanks jack