Critique Street in Old Havana

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  1. This was taken on my first night in Cuba. My travel friend, who had been there 4 or 5 times before walked us into Old Havana, a neighborhood adjacent to the downtown hotel section.
    It takes a while to get used to the run down appearance of old Havana. The buildings are concrete and stone and thus not easily repaired by individuals and, until a short time ago, people didn't actually own their houses so there was nothing energizing them to fix them up - and little money or resources to do it with.

    The heat and humidity made everything sort of hazy and it reminded me of old San Juan where people would abandon teh stuffy houses at night and spend time in the streets talking.

  2. Lew,
    I suspect it was a slow shutter speed which made this less than sharp, but no matter. The shot has "feel", that indescribable quality that evokes emotion in me when I look at a particular shot.
    I was there almost twenty years ago on business and spent time in Havana at night, and this shot brings back memories.
    Ncely done.
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  3. I like it, despite all its "faults" (blown highlights, blocked shadows, camera shake) because it completely tells, or supports the story so well. And I like the fact that every one except the guy in blue is looking down the street away from the camera--surely something more important is happening down there.
  4. Thank you both.
    Shot at 2.8 1/30 6400.
    People weren't happy about staring at them through lenses and it was taken quickly and that probably accounts for some of the blurriness.
    There is something about the near tropical nights in the city where the blackness is inky and the lights are blinding that makes me jus love it all.
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