Street photography with 50mm F/1.8

Discussion in 'People' started by alexf, May 12, 2007.

  1. Some tries with this wonderful lens

    Ready, set, go!
    D80 - 50mm - 1/400s - F3.2 - ISO 320

    Crossing with music
    D80 - 50mm - 1/800s - F3.2 - ISO 320

    Hooking the bait
    D80 - 50mm - 1/160s - F4 - ISO 200
  2. robthorn

    robthorn Guest

    cool pics the hooking the bait looks funny. who would think there is water anywhere near that has fish in it?
    you have convinced me that the 50mm is a good lens and that I will soon need one ;)
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