Street photography with borrowed Sigma 18-200

Discussion in 'People' started by alexf, May 12, 2007.

  1. I went out yesterday around 7pm to try a borrowed Sigma 18-200 F/3.5-6.3
    Nice lens even though it's 6.3 at the far end.

    Still trying my first steps at street photography. This is tough.

    Waiting for the light
    D80 - 116mm - 1/320s - F7.1 - ISO 320

    D80 - 200mm - 1/250s - F7.1 - ISO 320

    D80 - 200mm - 1/1250s - F6.3 - ISO 160

    Coming from the bank
    D80 - 200mm - 1/640s - F6.3 - ISO 320
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  2. robthorn

    robthorn Guest

    sweet you were totally busted by coming out of the bank. she probably thinks you are going to rob her or the bank. might want to stay clear of banks ;)
    I wouldn't worry about the 6.3 because the f7.1 look better to me anyway.
  3. Those are great!!!

    I went to a small city last night, only got one shot. Not many people around and it was too awkward sitting at Starbucks to try to shoot people as they walked past, or those sitting around us. :frown:
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