Stunning Video of Nature

Nice find , that indeed really captivating ! I can imagine tons of photos could've been taken there :tongue:
Just incredible video, thanks so much for sharing.

The Cape buffalo is an amazing animal. When a good friend of mine was on safari in Mozambique in the early 70’s, he said they were more concerned about aggressive behavior from the Cape buffalo than anything else. They actually had one attack their Land Rover.
Hey David -

I saw the link earlier, but just now had the chance to view it.

Wow - visceral, surprising and a demonstration of the (occasional) merits of perseverance against all odds . . .


They certainly are tough. And dozens of them are even tougher! The calve is not out of the woods though, as I imagine the infections from all of those bites may do it in. Still, it was great to see it walk away from that event!!

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