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  1. This is my favorite wedding photo and I want to get it blown up to 8x10 if not larger. Before I do that do you have any suggestions on how I might touch it up?

  2. If you want to do it the easy way, I would just clone out the back ground of people and use the curtains as a background. If you wish, let me know and I can post a couple of examples.
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  3. Could you please post those examples dude. I'd really love to see what you were talking about.
  4. Hi Fred, the first one is what I was talking about, It's not hard and easy to do, just use the clone tool. The second one you create a new layer and move the couple to it and use the gradiant tool. Hope this helps.

  5. Pete,
    THANKS!!! I will definitely try it before getting my enlargement. The wedding photographers still owe us an 11x14 so hopefully they will know how to do that as well. If not I’ll try and just get an 8x10 from SmugMug.
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