Summer Fog

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  1. Summer brings fog to the northern California coast. Sometimes it sits just off the coast and sometimes you can't see anything. I was lucky to get off a few shots today before the fog got too thick and it started to rain. Hope you enjoy my new gallery, "Foggy Coast."

    aka beaucamera
  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Beautiful Landscape images. Really enjoyed them.. Gallery is real nice :>)))
  3. Thanks, Gale. I am lucky to live in an area where coastal scenes like this are just a short drive away.

    I'm happy I am able to share this magnificent scenery with you.

    aka beaucamera
  4. hans


    Feb 5, 2005
    The Netherlands
    Very nice series Virginia, the first one is my favorite, great atmosphere
  5. Virginia;

    Beautiful area you live in. I too particularly enjoyed the first one in the series.

  6. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    I remember when I was very young, maybe 5 or 6, taking a drive up that direction to visit some cousins. We got up early one morning and I swear the beach looked JUST like that! Beautiful gallery, Virginia...
  7. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    hi virginia-

    thanks for posting these shots, now i have the desire to go visit the coast. in all the years i've lived in the bay, i've never been to hmb :shock: driven past it, but never stopped. same with pacifica, etc. the one place i've always told myself i'd visit is maverick's for the surfing competition, but my timing's never worked out for that.

  8. Ricky, you must plan a trip, but the only way you are going to do this is to decide to do it and plan to stop along the way. You can bring a picnic lunch and make a day of things. There are so many beautiful places to photograph which range from agricultural, the redwoods at Butano, Pigeon Point lighthouse, the wide Pacific with windsurfers and kite fliers, just to name a few. The San Mateo County coast is diverse and fascinating.

    It's a little late in the season for Anno Nuevo. That's where the elephant seals "hang out". These pictures were taken south of Half Moon Bay closer to Pescadero. There is also a place called the Coastanoan where you can stop for lunch or even stay overnight.

    I'll look forward to seeing your pics.

    aka beaucamera
  9. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    hi virginia-

    that's perfect, thanks for the detailed instructions :) i hope the weather gets better (too windy today) so i can check out the coast some time this month.




    Apr 30, 2005
    Hi beaucamera,

    I always enjoy seeing your work. Definitely a cut above the rest.

    Thanks for posting


  11. d_ip


    Mar 18, 2005
    Alberta, Canada
    Love this kind of shot Virginia. Wish I was there. Reminiscences……………
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