Summer is back !

Discussion in 'Birds' started by JPS, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. ...and so are the damselflies...

    Fuji S2 Pro with Tamron SP90 - 1:125 @ f/9.5 handheld - ISO 200 - RAW


  2. When i looked at the black bands on her back they look like they had been made with a brush and paint.

    Jean-Pierre if you had to change your camera, what would you choose between the D2X and the S3 pro?
  3. outstanding ESPECIALLY handheld!
  4. Hi Alain (or is it Gilles ?) !

    That's the BIG question !!!

    On one side, i believe the quality of the S3 pics, with the wider DR, is -yet- unbeatable... but the camera is slooooooow on writing on the card, and generally doesn't allow fast use, like a D2H for example !

    On the other side, the D2X is almost double the price, but is considered as a "pro" body... but i read quite a few posts mentioning problems with it !

    In any case, i'm not in financial conditions now to buy one or the other, so i think that i'll pass and wait for an "even better" S4 or D3X !

    In the meantime, i enjoy very much my S2, and frankly, as the largest print i ever make is A3+ (13" x 19"), i'm not really sure that i would see a tremendous difference in quality with the newer cameras !?!

  5. Beautiful detail in this damselfly and the color is superb.
  6. Hi Dave !

    Thanks, but i almost allways shoot handheld... I've got a good tripod though, but i never have it with me when i need it, so... handheld make do !
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