Sun filter??

Nov 29, 2006
I'm not sure if anyting like this even exists for a camera lens but I'm looking for any information on a filter I can put on a lens and view/take pictures of the sun without burning out my eyes or the camera's sensor. I know there are telescopes dedicated to this and I believe you can buy filters for a telescope but I haven't been able to find anything on filters for a camera lens.

Anybody have any ideas?
Jan 13, 2006
Fort Collin, CO
Sun filter

Telescopes us H alpha filters. They run...never mind...way more money they your house. These are narrow band filters that let the hydrogen light from the sun's photosphere to get through and all the other light to be rejected. That's why they allow you to see photospheric features like prominances, flares and plauges. But for us mear mortals I'd look in Astronomy magazine. They have broadband filters that are nothing more then super neutral density filters and some can be threaded on to a camera lens. Always check these filters by holding them up to the sun and looking through them. Exposed mylar film is used by many people to view solar eclipses and that would work also.

If you get one of these for a telephoto lens don't expect to see much. All you will see are sun spots. A cheaper way is to use a small telescope and project the sun's image onto a white cardboard.

Google sun viewing and you should get lots of ideas.
Feb 22, 2005
Edmund Scientific used to have all sorts of neat things. They may still be around.....

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