Sunpak Auto 544 compatible with D-200?



I am considering purchasing a D-200. Is my old Sunpak Auto 544 compatible with it? If not I need an equivalent to mount on a bracket.
Jan 24, 2006
Utica, NY, USA

Apart from third party flashes generally not having the Nikon CLS capability, they also sometimes have a trigger voltage that is much too high for modern digital cameras incl. Nikon. So, the key is to check what trigger voltage your D200 can safely deal with and secondly to see what the Sunpak Auto 544 produces.

The D200 manual must have a section dealing with flash compatibility of Nikon flashes and may mention 250v if memory serves me. Very few newer 3rd party flashes will be compatible as far as CLS goes. Check for yourself at,

You also may want to do a search at this forum under third party flashes, as this a common topic.

As a general comment, you would be better served by adding an SB800 or SB600 to your budget for a new camera, as that would allow you to fully use the capabilities of the fabulous CLS.
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