Sunset or moonrise ??

Discussion in 'Retouching and Post Processing' started by MGlennn, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. Do you like it better as a sunset or moonrise....????? :confused:


  2. It's depend on my mood at the moment. I like them both, although I found the moon is a bit oversized relatively to the beach in the #2. Nice work harmonizing the beach colors with the moment of the day.
  3. The sunset looks like it could happen while the moonrise looks otherworldly. I like the shot but agree with Dao about the moon being oversized.
  4. Mike, both are very good PPed images... however, the moonrise has way too dark sky with respect to the beach's light...
  5. I also like both. Second one looks like this New Age stuff that was popular a while ago, but I agree with Panos.
  6. I will work on the moon some more...thanks for taking time to comment
  7. I was sort of looking for an "other worldly" effect, but will work on the moon. Thanks for looking :smile:
  8. OK....thanks....will work on the beach lightness as well
  9. Thanks for looking Harry...I will work on it
  10. Make the Moon the same size as the sun. Print them up and then mount them in the same frame together. I think it would make a neat effect.
  11. Neat idea.....thanks....will work on it :smile:
  12. The sun is better than the moon IMHO
    It just seems like the color cast in the image goes better with the sun than the moon.
    Mind you one could adj. the color of the moon shot to solve this issue. also one needs to make the moon smaller but others have pointed that out i'm sure.
    Good luck
  13. Thanks...appreciate your insights !!
  14. Moonrise gets my vote!
  15. Thanks for commenting Melissa :smile:
  16. david casius

    david casius Guest

    This is obvioly a composit, the refections on the water dont seem to match in either picture. But they first (sunset) looks more real and natureal. I think this has to do with the colors of the image.
    good job.

  17. Thanks for looking and commenting Dave :smile:
  18. TR_Fox


    Jun 13, 2005
    Flagstaff AZ
    I have to go with the sunsrt. I like the warm feeling of that shot better.
    The moon is very well done, but have to go with the sunst. IMHO
  19. Thanks for looking and commenting Tim...appreciate your thoughts :smile:
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