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Supporting Vendor mpb.com Deals and Announcements

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by Amin Sabet, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. We don't know that it's a small company. Whether it's small or not is actually irrelevant from my point of view, as I'm happy to do business with both small and large companies so long as the products and services they provide are meritorious. It's clear to me that this company is not trustworthy, and that's really all that matters to me.
  2. What I meant was a new company. Slightly different, but your point is well taken.
  3. I never explained the followup to that because, at the time, it seemed irrelevant to the gist of this thread. I'll now explain the followup now that it seems relevant.

    The speed light that I ordered from the competitor of mbp.com was defective. I sent them an email about that and received a response the next day about how to send it back to them at their expense. Immediately upon receiving the unit, they acknowledged that it was defective and credited my credit card for the full cost. I look every now and then to that competitor to order a replacement. The only reason I haven't ordered a replacement is that all of their units that I would consider are in better cosmetic condition, and as a result more expensive, than I require.

    My point is that the competitor of mpb.com acted in every way that I would hope, which is quite the opposite of my experience with mpb.com.
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  4. Thanks for this thread, I've been tempted to change vendors but think I'll stay with the Georgia outfit that always seems to have a short term sale when I'm not ready.
  5. A very negative review from a very well respected member here is the kiss of death for them.
    Have fun in CR
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  6. I accidentally overlooked your post about that. The company should have absorbed that cost, as the overnight shipping would not have been necessary if they hadn't messed up.
  7. Exactly.
  8. Crickets
  9. Posting shutter counts is great, seems MPB is the only one doing it. Too bad they are bogus.
  10. It is a great idea...who would buy a car wo knowing the mileage
  11. They are not all bogus. The D5500 I traded in is shown with the correct count.

    I suppose it could be honest mistakes, but having it happen twice suggests very sloppy behavior.
  12. Do you suppose that they blindly report the number of clicks that the sellers report, without checking? That would be as bad as lying! :eek: 
  13. My only experience with MPB was a sale of a used Nikon 18-35. Since the lens had not been used since it was returned from a repair from Nikon (replaced the mount due to a drop), it looked and acted "like new." Upon receipt they sent me payment for "Excellent" condition, about $10 less. I figured it was not worth the hassle to argue, plus I'll admit it is a bit subjective.

    Based on what I read here, I will probably hold off on a pending transaction that I have been thinking of (trading my 24-105 f4 for a 24-70 f2.8) and wait until my other preferred vendor can accommodate the trade.

  14. A seller is not asked to report shutter count. I did so voluntarily out of honesty, so maybe that's why the correct number is shown on the one I traded in.
  15. I've never bought a used camera body. If the prospective buyer asks for the shutter count, do most vendors provide the information by email or instant message so you have it in writing?
  16. I've bought several, from Nikon Cafe members, Fred Miranda forum, and Nikon USA. In the case of individuals, it is usually listed in the advertisement; if not, I ask. On Nikon refurbished cameras the shutter count is not available before purchase but the merchandise is warranted by Nikon.

    MPB.com does advertise a six-month warranty on their items so I've notified them I plan to pursue a replacement after I return from Costa Rica.
  17. I've bought from MPB before and the lens and flash I purchased came as-described, but I don't see myself buying camera bodies or high priced items from them. Their shipping is slow, based all the way in NY and use FedEx Ground to LA as their free shipping method. Anything faster is significantly more expensive. I prefer using Used Photo Pro aka Roberts Camera as my go-to used gear shop. I like them better than KEH as well. Also quite a few manufacturers have decent online refurb stores, so I've been shopping at those as well. Also I like Amazon more than B&H or Adorama nowadays because it's much faster for refunds if an item needs to be returned.
  18. I am another who does not purchase used cameras; I'm fortunate enough to have a couple of local B&M camera shops in my area so I have never needed or wanted to try and deal with trading in or purchasing gear through an online source. I simply trade in whatever it I want to trade in (camera body, lens(es), and get whatever it is I'm wanting to buy new. This thread definitely suggests that perhaps it is not a good idea for Amin to be using and recommending this particular vendor as a sponsor.....
  19. daveg


    Jul 14, 2008
    There is a danger here that the UK branch is going to suffer from the bad reputation that is being built around the USA branch. Buying secondhand/used is a risky business but I have bought two items (lenses) from MPB UK and have not had cause to complain on either occasion. Delivery was on time and both packages were exemplary.

    My first purchase was a Nikon 24mm f2.8 D and the second a Nikon 60mm f2.8 D Micro. Both are superb "copies" and have given excellent service. I chose carefully based on their description of condition and avoided the cheapest options. I have never bought a used DSLR and probably never will but if I am looking for another lens of this type I would certainly buy from MPB again
  20. I'm glued to KEH for used gear - they've never done me wrong!
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