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Discussion in 'Film Forum' started by gavin, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. gavin


    Oct 21, 2006
    It's been a while since I post any images in this forum... part of it because I have very little free time nowadays (I have a pile of rolls I still need to develop) and partly because I really don't think I'm up there with some of the material posted here. But what the hell...!!! It's not a competition and I now my (lack of) abilities and receiving critiques and thoughts can only help my (lack of) skills.
    This is a picture I took while on holidays in Brasil last january. Just walking down the street with the F4 in hand. It's the 20mm f:2.8, so you can see I was pretty close to the kids, quite a feat if you consider how reluctant I am of taking photographs of people when they are watching me :redface: I believe being on vacation allows one (me, at least) to feel more "touristy" and take pictures I would otherwise be embarrassed to be seen taking on my hometown (though I'm working on it, slowly but surely :smile: )
    Ok. I like this picture, I dunno why... I just do. (click to enlarge).

  2. Gav, your work is very nice. It is much more interesting than mine. I think you should make time to post more stuff here.

    Anyway, I like this shot. It makes me feel like I'm not even paying attention to my surroundings and these kids are passing right by me. It's difficult for me to explain. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.
  3. I like it too. The tones are great. The kid almost out of the frame is good framing, in this case, because of the one following him. There is a good dynamic.
  4. Gavin, good to see you posting again. Interesting shot. Good use for one of my favorite lenses.
  5. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    That's great Gav - it gives me the feeling of being on a street by the beach! I can almost feel the sand! I even like the burning, or dodging, or whatever effect made the sky darker. Cool 'tourist' picture! :Wink:
  6. gavin


    Oct 21, 2006
    thanks guys for the kind comments. As for the composition, I was really surprised when I developed it, cause it turned out great even though I shot it from the hip and left everything in the hands of the AF and our friend matrix metering :smile:
    the 20mm proved to be a very very cool lens for takin all sort of snaps on vacation!!
  7. JoeG


    Nov 2, 2006
    Tyrol, Austria
    good shot, very dynamic.
  8. matthew.paul

    matthew.paul Guest

    Wow, I love this shot. Great dynamics, as everyone else has said, and I love how they are all looking down. Great work!
  9. bryan

    bryan Guest

    I like it.... I like the sense of action in it... looks like those kids had a good time...