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Surprise visitors....

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Flew, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    I have discovered an excellent way to unwind from work when I get home in the evening. I've got such good bird activity right now that all I have to do is set up the tripod in the driveway next to the truck and shoot away. Yesterday I had Robins, Finches, and this guy below land in the little dogwood tree next to where I park.

    Before getting to the image though, I have to relate something so cool that happened. As with all birders, I am very sensitive to just about any movement in the sky. After I had been out for a few minutes, one, then another Dove flew over my head from behind. I had just registered them and thought 'oh, just another pair of Doves' when an almost roaring / whooshing sound came from over my shoulder and then I saw flying over my head about 10-15 feet up a Coopers Hawk in hot pursuit of the Doves. They all disappeared around my neighbor's house, so I don't know the fate of the Doves, but it was absolutely AWESOME watching that hawk maneuvering through the trees. I love this hobby. :smile:

    OK, my other visitor. Cedar Waxwing:

    Pretty baby for sure.
  2. Beautiful image Frank, WOW! Love the story about the hawk too...poor doves :smile:
  3. jimmyc1000


    Jun 14, 2006
    Very nice shot. I also enjoyed your short story.
  4. Super shot Frank, and enjoyed the story. And I agree, a GREAT HOBBY.

  5. Tim O

    Tim O

    Jun 11, 2006
    Great shot Frank,this is a great hobby so I keep telling my wife but somehow she thinks I get a little carried away by it all.But she is glad I have found something that I really like,now if wasn't so darn expensive she would be even happier.I will be watching for that coopers hawk shot to follow. :biggrin:
  6. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    You got my birdies:) )))

    Well good to know where they go

    Beautiful Flewwww. Wish I could have gotten one closer
  7. Ain't life grand. Nice image Frank. Enjoying nature is a wonderful way to relax and see all kinds of great events.
  8. Baxter


    Jan 8, 2007
    Clemson, SC
    Beautiful shot Frank, nice rich bokeh. Great story about the hawk!
  9. Beautiful shot! Your story is similar to what happens in my yard. The Peregrine Falcons from Akron often come here to hunt for mourning doves. They are fast as lightening and I wish they would stay in the city and eat pigeons.
  10. Beautiful image, Frank. So difficult to capture Cedar Waxwings with any details in the feathers as they are so smooth. I always think these birds have been hit with Neat Image Pro! :biggrin:

    Hawks have to eat too - hard to accept but everything out there is food for something!
  11. Excellent a bird I have yet to capture....someday I hope

  12. It's poor dove... not doves. I imagine only one of them was unfortunate on this particular hunt. The doves don't have to be faster than the hawk, just faster than the other doves! :eek:  :biggrin: :wink: Great story and nice pic.
  13. Cool Frank! I have started setting up my tripod in the yard a couple of days each week if I get home before the light is bad. You all should know that I am “animal oblivious” as I like to say at the get-together, but I am trying to get better and I find the little birds to be fun.

    So you get home before dark these days? Good for you!
  14. Excellent image and great experience you shared on the Coopers hawk. What a neat way to wind down from the stress of the day.
  15. Ain't that the truth :biggrin:
  16. A really nice shot Frank I thought they had left.
  17. Gorgeous bird Frank! Your traditional super crisp image. Love the story too.


  18. Sharon


    Feb 18, 2006
    That's beautiful! Enjoyed the story also!
  19. A great way to end my day, well the Red Sox just came on.

    Beautiful Work
  20. Commodorefirst

    Commodorefirst Admin/Moderator Administrator

    May 1, 2005
    Great story, can relate to so much,

    thanks for taking the time posting it.

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