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  1. I took this last year with my D2H and 85mm f1.4 lens. It was taken by natural window light at f2.8. I have never posted this particular image here so thought I would share it. Susan is the daughter of my wife's friend. They stopped by for just a very short visit and I asked if I could photograph her. Comments are always welcome.

  2. lovely image, gordon
    susan is a very pretty lady

    thanks for sharing this one with us
  3. I agree, she is a pretty young lady.
    But I am equally impressed by the color & sharpness of the image!
    And I'm a sucker for natural light photos.
  4. Very Nice Gordon, Clear & Sharp.
  5. Marina

    Marina Guest

    Beautiful lady, beautiful light, beautiful picture!!
  6. Thanks Greg, I only had a few minutes to capture this one. I felt that the final image had some 3D qualities to it.

    As Banhup has demonstrated over and over, natural light is hard to beat.

    The sharpness is thanks to a tripod and the 85mm f1.4 lens. Thanks for your comments.

    Susan is a school teacher and is smart as well as pretty. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
  7. Gordon, I have to say, this is absolutely spot on........... just goes to show that the old D2h (yes I know you know that I have one) is quite a capable beast!

    Great stuff!

    G :smile:
  8. Gee, thanks Graeme. I have other cameras but keep coming back to the D2H. I love this workhorse.
  9. Very well done Gordon, outstanding light.
  10. i really think you are right... and that "3-D" quality is hard to capture... this one is great
  11. Yes a fine, sharp, well-exposed shot Gordon. However I wonder if the subject would ask about the texture of her skin. As we all know some folks can be ambivalent about a portrait which shows lots of detail. Perhaps a tiny bit of gaussian blur on the cheeks and forehead?
  12. Beautiful shot of a beautiful woman. Thanks for posting it for us.
  13. Thanks for your nice comments and suggestion Rich. I did put a bit of gaussian blur treatment on her skin but hesitated to go further. Perhaps I should reevaluate.

    Hi Brian, thanks for your comments.
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    Jul 10, 2005
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    Gordon very well done. I actually disagree with Rich, it wass refreshing to see natural skin texture.

  15. I hear you Dan, I kind of liked it that way myself. Thanks