Susans with D700 and 70-200 VR...

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  1. Unfortunately, I didn't have my 105 VR with me earlier this evening when I came across these black eyed susan daisies. However, I felt comfortable boosting the ISO to 800 with the D700--and gave the 70-200 a try handheld (with VR) to capture the following two images:



    Thanks for looking...
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  2. Thanks Birgit...

    I think #1 needed to be more critically sharp to really work. I prefer #2 as well.

    I do wish that I had my 105 VR with me yesterday for these shots...:mad:

  3. Bob Coutant

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    Glenn, I like these, but the color balance seems off (blue) in the shadows.
  4. rotxlk82


    Jul 20, 2007
    Nice flowers, I love what the lens has done to the backgrounds. They look almost like a painting.
  5. Bob,

    The initial attempt was even more bluish...

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  6. Thanks Robert