Swamp Flowers

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  1. These are flowers which grow along Sausal Pond, a sag pond on the San Andreas fault, which bisects the town in which I live. I put them together with nearby wild grasses and bull frogs lurking in the pond to create this smart object composite. All images were shot as NEFs with the 70-200 VR and 17EII TC.

    aka beaucamera

  2. It's nice to find places near home where you can take a lot of pictures and go back without making a long trip.
  3. Virginia, you are becoming quite good in the use of smart objects. I like the composition and soft easy coloring of the image but feel that the second frog on the right of the frame was overkill. To me at least it cries of composite where the rest of the image fits together nicely. I like what you are doing.
  4. mrtac2man


    Jun 3, 2005
    I have to agree with Gordon.. a little over kill.. 1 frog crop would work great.... try it a repost.. think you will like it better also...other then that great job...

  5. Thanks, Gordon and Tim. It's easy to get carried away with smart objects and I guess I did here with that second frog. I should have made a pond water "smart object" so that I could better integrate the images. Each one of these I do provides a new learning situation.

    aka beaucamera
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