Feb 13, 2005
Rochester, New York
In June, my wife and I will be going to Sweden for our son's wedding. We would like to spend one week traveling in the country. Anyone ever been there and have any ideas of what to do? Even though this is early, we are trying to plan our vacation now.
Jan 26, 2005
Ohio & Florida
We were there in 2002. I will dig up some photos for you.

One place not to be missed is the Vasa Museum in Stockholm. The Vasa was a warship built for the King of Sweden in 1628. It was top-heavy and sank in the Stocklholm harbor after sailing about 1 mile! It was found in 1961 and raised and preserved. It was put on display in 1990.
The Baltic sea is not salty enough for ship-worms and too salty for freshwater decay, thus it was very well preserved.
It is about 220 feet long and is in a huge indoor "arena".
Take a good wide angle lens with a big aperture as it is quite dark inside. Be prepared to up the ISO as much as needed to get a photo.

For more info see:

Mar 14, 2005
Originally Scotland - now Auckland, NZ
I'll agree with Bob, the Vasa museum is certainly worth a look.

Stockholm has some fantastic old buildings and there's generally a few old ships around the waterfronts. There's also a huge park near the centre of Stockholm called Skansen that has a zoo inside. Well worth taking at least an afternoon to chill out there and wander around. The zoo had bear cubs when we were there a few years ago and we spent half an hour just watching their antics.

We only spent a couple of days in Stockholm as we were returning from a tour of Norway. If you realy wanted to go for it, there's an over night train that runs from Stockholm to Narvik in Norway - way up in the Arctic Circle. If the long range weather looks good, you could make a run for the Lofoten Islands - one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen (assuming it's sunny).

If you do get that far north, in June, the sun dips to the horizon around 2 in the monring and it becomes a bit dull, then it starts rising again - so don't expect to get much sleep !
Jan 26, 2005
Ohio & Florida
I don't know if you have the time or interest, but I can highly recommend the following trips that might fit into a June/July schedule.
Copenhagen to Svalbard (Spitsbergen) to Oslohttp://www.expeditions.com/expediti...ion=EH&expedition_id=302&region_id=26

Oslo to Svalbard (Spitsbergen) to Oslohttp://www.expeditions.com/expeditions/expeditions.asp?action=eh&expedition_id=303
We did the Ice Bears trip in 1997 and a trip down the coast of Norway in 2002. Both offer spectacular photo opportunities. The ship can get to less than 600 miles from the North Pole when circumnavigating Svalbard!
Quite expensive and worth every cent!
If you have any questions be sure to ask!
A few of our photos from Svalbard are here:
Feb 2, 2005
Maple Bay, Duncan, BC, Canada
Real Name
Andreas Berglund
Sorry for taking so long to answer, I'm moving just right now so it is all a big mess.

There is so much to see in the north of Sweden, it hard to know where to begin...

I would say the following stuff from north to south is very cool
1. Ales stenar, in the very south of Sweden near Ystad is a huge shipsetting (stons in the settings of a ship) called Ales Stenar very Viking very cool, stonehenge like.
2. Tiveden's national park is a park with huge stones and old growth timber and lakes, very picture pretty, makes you think the trolls will come walking out of the forest any time... It is situated on he west side of the second biggest lake in Sweden: Vättern, 20 miles north of the town Karlsborg
3. Take the Canal boat on Göta Kanal, a 2 day trip through old locks and old rural Sweden.
4. Take a trip in the worlds largest (in numbers) archipelago east of Stockholm, for instance take a ship to one of the Islands: Utö. It is easy to do just hop on a boat in Stockholm and go it is so pretty this time of year and lots of photo ops
5. Go to Umeå, I suggest don't drive it is a long way up north, see the town then head up (mostly west) to Arvidsjaur and take a little hike on Kungsleden, one of the foremost hiking trails in the world (National Geographic Traveller rates one of the top ten in the world)

Let me know of you need more...

gmaker1 said:

My wife and I like wildlife, wilderness, Viking Museums and trying to get to lappland or as far north as we can.


My daughter and husband arrived in Goteborg on Sunday to pick up their XC90 Volvo.
My daughters comment on Sunday there were a lot of gorgeous blond gals.
On Monday they played tennis at a public court. The Swed's are good tennis players and the courts were the best she has played on.

On Tuesday they will pick up their car and travel to Oskastrom, birthplace of my parents. Then on to Stockholm and hopefully Drotneholm
[sp] Palace.

I was there in 1938 and again in 1976 with my daughter and wife.

A couple of pictures she posted from Goteborg. D100 as shot.

Maybe some one can identify them

Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

The last one was labeled Skansen Kronan.


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