Sweet! Nikon and flickr team up, kind of

Mar 4, 2008
Amstelveen, the Netherlands
10000+ members. I wonder how many people have read the rules for the group:

By submitting your photograph(s) into Nikon’s Digital Learning Center Group (“Group”), you certify that you have full right and authority to grant the rights and permissions following herein, including but not limited to having written authorization from all persons appearing in your photograph(s) and that all such persons appearing in your photograph(s) are over 13 years of age, and further, you agree that Nikon Inc. and its assigns shall have, without further obligation to you, the royalty free, fully paid up, non-exclusive right and permission to copy, publicly display, publicly perform and use, worldwide in any online media now known or hereafter developed, including but not limited to the World Wide Web, at any time or times, subject to the availability of your photographs(s) in the Group through March 31, 2009, your submitted photographs, Flickr username and titles to the photographs (if any) on the Group website, located at www.flickr.com/groups/nikondigitallearningcenter, unless prohibited by law.

"royalty free, fully paid up" So they basically say they will use photos for free, without paying the photographer....!
Jul 21, 2007
Yeah there are some recent threads about that. But no one is forced to volunteer images..
Conned might be a better word than forced in this case :mad:
By putting such information in the rules instead of putting it on the front page. The rules are usually used to describe what is allowed and not allowed in a Flickr group (e.g. off-camera flash only, sunsets only, square dimensions only, etc).
This is the first time I've seen (not saying there are no others) groups rules used for "effectively you're handing over ownership of your pictures to us".

I'm sure it's just legal boilerplate for using the pictures on something like picturetown - but they might be using your picture on the front page of a catalog as well and you'd never see a penny for it. :mad:
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