Sweet Pea and Mom

Discussion in 'People' started by DogFather, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Posted this in the animal section but thought I'd get some other opinions here with different photographers (?) This was just shot in their front yard with no flash on a cloudy day.
    Writing an article on the joys of adopting a senior pet and this was today's shoot. Sweet Pea was adopted at around 10. Best they can tell she was a Puppy Mill Momma. Now she lives a life of luxury and pampering. That's not a model, that's HER Momma :smile:
  2. This photo made me laugh. Two smiling faces, lined up perfectly, looking directly into the camera lens. The red flower in the background is dead on where it should be, as if it's her hair accessory. The joy they share is easily seen in this photo.
    Just a great photo, thanks for showing.
  3. Thanks!
    Wasn't sure if some people would take the flower as a distraction. I kinda like it there:wink: