Swing Bridge, which angle do you prefer??

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  1. 2901788930_32d7623492_b.jpg


    Hi all, took these last Sunday, wondering which angle you prefer.

    The location is Lorne, Victoria, right on the Great Ocean Road

  2. First one by quite a bit.

  3. I like the first one Ron for the darker clouds and more water reflection.
    I find the wire rope is a bit of a distraction but not much you can do about that. Also I see a water ring in the photo. Does anybody fish in there?


    Take care Dwayne Oakes
  4. #1 is nice... i like the closer up detail too
  5. First photo
  6. Thanks for the feedback.

    Yes, no. 1 it is then!!
  7. Almost certainly Dwayne.

  8. I prefer the first.

    Not a swing bridge though, isnt it a suspension bridge?
  9. I like the first one.
  10. I have to agree with the others: the first one. I would however, straighten the image as it is tilted to the left. I would also consider using the clone tool to remove the wire and it's reflection that is leading in from the bottom right of the image to the bridge. I like the angle and the contrast color balance and saturation.
  11. Another vote for #1. Nice shot!