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    Aug 27, 2008
    Posted this in the welcome forum too:

    Hey guys, I'm currently a Canon shooter looking to switch to Nikon. I'm debating what I should buy if I do go the Nikon route. If I sell off of my Canon stuff, I am looking at a budget of around $3300 to spend on a body a a few lenses. What would you guys recommend? Ideally I'd buy some nice lenses, a few older Speedlights (SB-24,26,28, etc) and a cheap body (D80, D50, D70(s)), then upgrade the body in the next few months.

    What are you thoughts? I thought about selling everything and buying a D90 or D300, but I'm not sure I want to take the depreciation hit of buying a newer body just yet. I am, afterall, a poor college student.

  2. Hi, Cab. Imho, the d200 is currently the best buy in used cameras. Folks are offering packages including a well cared for body and battery grip in the $800 range. Add a used 18-55, 35/2, 85/1.8, and 70-300VR for an additional $1300 max, and a used sb600 speedlight for $150. That leaves you over $1,000 for memory cards, a camera bag, tripod, etc.
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    Well, I went the other way. I sold my D200 to move to an MKIIn. But I will agree with Frank.

    The D200 is a very capable camera unless you are shooting high ISO indoor sports.

    Although new models may have some better bits & bobs, for the price, a carefully kept used D200 is a steal.
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    I'll add my two cents and agree that the D200 is a steal right now. If you get good glass and the D200, you won't feel the need to "upgrade" too soon.

    $800 for a D200 gives you over $2400 to buy glass and other goodies.
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  5. Lurker


    Jul 21, 2007
    +1 for the D200. I'd also advise that, unless you have pocketwizards, your're better of with a newer flash (SB-600/800) than with the older ones - the ability to shoot wireless off-camera is fantastic!
  6. Yep, D200 is an excellent bargain.

    For lens selection......what are your passions in shooting? Do you travel and need a good walk-around lens (18-200)? Are you into birds/sports (300/4)? Like natural light portraits (35/2 or Sigma 30/1.4 and one of the 85's)? Enjoy wide angle (12-24)?

    We love to help others spend money, just name yer poison! :biggrin:
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    Dec 18, 2007
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    I picked up a D200 over the weekend with less than 14k clicks on it from craigslist for 500 bucks. It really is a fantastic deal right now.
  8. I concur on the advice to look for a used D200. Terrific camera. Also, forget about one of the older flashes. They're cheap, but you sacrifice a lot of the marvelous automation that Nikon brings to flash photography if you don't get a flash capable of i-TTL.
  9. aCab


    Aug 27, 2008
    I shoot mainly motorsports, cars (posed), portraits, and landscapes. My ideal set up (eventually) would be the 12-24 f/2.8, 24-70 f/2.8 and 70-200 f/2.8 VR. What are some cheaper alternatives to these lenses? I know there is a 80-200 f/2.8 and 12-24 f/4.

    What about cheap, fast primes? - that's really my main motive - being able to use cheap, older primes. I can't really do that with Canon due to the FD - EF mount switch.
  10. aCab


    Aug 27, 2008
    I currently have Cactus triggers, but am looking to get some Cybersyncs. If I use the CLS system, can I still shoot with off camera strobes set to different manual settings? With Canon infared, they all use eTTL.
  11. You may also want to consider a used D2H body, for fast action (motosports). They can be found for $600 or so, and while they only have 4.1MP, they are great in good light (less so at high ISO), with a pro-body, 8fps and fast focusing. I am not letting mine go, FWIW! :wink:

  12. Absolutely, and you can adjust the power settings from the camera.