taking panorama? need help

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by marc, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. marc

    marc Guest

    when taking photos for panorama

    3 questions

    1.why horizontal or vertical?

    2. where do you place your camera?
    at middle of what you want 2 shoot or , is there a better shooting point?

    3. how do you, make the focal length equal.? what do i mean? if you position yourself at center, of what you want to shoot, is the centerpoint, different in distance than the end points?
    is that understanable?

    i want to do a panorama of a hole on a golf course, 600 yards long

  2. If I was taking this I would stand midway between Tee and Green but as far to one side as possible. You could use either portrait or landscape mode, the portrait mode pano will end up bigger - more pics to make it and you will get more details of trees, sky and foreground.

    Not sure what lens you are using but I find the 18-70 kit lens in portrait mode will give excellent results. Once you have decided your initial focal length (say about 24mm) do not alter it. I would set the lens on manual and at infinity focus. Depending on the sun you may wish to lock the exposure. Windy days can be a disaster because of the movement of trees in the wind between adjacent shots

    For best results a proper pano head mounted on a tripod will give you best results but at a pinch just mounted on a standard tripod will give reasonable results.

    If you can get people on on the course at the same time it will help with scale.

    Show us the results when done.
  3. marc

    marc Guest


    that is the info i needed

    question, what happens to perspective, when you pan or shoot

    say from tee to green

    does the software take that into account, and even everything out.

    i will use a 17-55 or 24-120

    it depends on what hole and how i want the shot to look

    i will post when we do 1st draft

    thankyou, happy new year

  4. Shoot horizontal and the image has no height to it. vertical shots stitched together give more height to the image...

    Place the camera in the center of the area if possible... You MUST lelel the tripod legs otherwies as the camera is rotated it will not line up when stitched together...

    You also cannot do panoramas with wide angle lenses, too much distortion to work with in the stitching program...
  5. Eric I agree with your first two paragraphs, but disagree re wide angle lenses. Most good stitching programs (ie photovista, ptgui, panorama factory) allow you to select the lens or will even figure out the lens from the exif data and will then cope with the wide angle effects. However the lenses such as the 12-24 wide angles do not work so well because these lenses deliberately try to straighten up and remove barrel distortion. So the 18-70 or the 17-55 will work well

  6. I have used wide angle elnses and Panorama Factory and with the huge degree of coverage from the wide lens things just don't line up nicely...
    I have been trying it with the 12-24 and my 28-70.. the 28-70 works much better than the 12-24mm lens...

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