Talk about D2Xtasy.....!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR' started by Panos Kazanelis, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. Today, while I was talking to Nikon's importer here in Cyprus about the 12-24DX lens, ..., 8 BEAUTIFUL packages cought my attention.
    To be more specific the D2X written on the packages cought my attention... :?

    To make a long story short and after a couple of glasses of icy water (thrown to my face) and after 3 pills to reduce my blood presure...
    they told me the ammount I should take out of my pocket in order to aquire that beauty...

    4,106.14 in US Dollars ! ! ! ! :shock: :eek: :D 8) :) while in Greece costs €4,990.00 --> $6,437.10

    after VAT deduction and the special offer for photographers... :roll: :?

    Can we open a charity account here on the Cafe? Pleeeease, I promise I will accomodate each "donor" for a free week of vacation... :D :wink:

    I'm in love with a beast........ :oops:
  2. Well, let me see - I will celebrate my birthday next weekend (then my sig will be correct) and will go to Berlin on May, 5th. That leaves more than 2 weeks for me to fly to Cyprus and get one. The price difference (In Austria it's also around 4900 EURO) will cover the flight costs, a few good meals...
    ... and maybe also the lawyer my wife will hire to get divorced from me - o.k., forget it :cry:
  3. Harry, you know I won't charge you anything for the meals and coffee and all. You'll even get to sleep in my place (I have three bedrooms, don't worry!). And my comission is only 2.5%... About the lawyer... my best friend is a lawyer and he's damn good and ...cheep.

    What I'm worried about though, is that your wife will most probably leave with with ...err...nothing... :lol: She'll even take your photo gear... :lol: :twisted: :p
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