Tascam D60 recorder now my sound system.....

May 16, 2006
Not a big photo Christmas - second handle for my video head, mount for my VideoMic Pro, and the Tascam D60 recorder. I mostly capture ambient sounds so the newer version was worth the extra money. Plus B&H still have the D60 with the PluralEyes offer which I need as I often shoot with 2 or 3 cameras.

I use the D60 to also put sound into the D7000 (have a long 1/8" mini cable to keep the focusing noise out of the video) and I use the D7100 sound as a second source (just a loud noise to sync the start). The VMP and D60 produce incredible sound. Haven't had a chance to use PluralEyes 3 yet, but it has gotten good reviews from industry professionals. I mounted the D60/VMP on a separate tripod using the infrared remote to start the D7100. Need to get a remote for the D7000 for video.

Even for wildlife (birds mainly) the cleaner sound can make a huge difference especially for stock footage where having a good ambient sound can make the sell. This is a bigger unit than the handhelds with built-in Mic's, but it has a lot inputs and other bells/whistles that made it my choice. If I was doing something where I had to run the gain up and down with people speaking I might have gone with the newer version as this first can have potting noise if it is very quiet between people speaking and you are adjusting gain for background noise. Otherwise with free PluralEyes, I thought this was a great match for my VMP.

You can also mount this recorder beneath your camera for run & gun shooting (put the mic on a hot shoe extension. This completes my "DSLR Video Kit" which is very basic (Hoodman video finder, VMP, recorder, shoulder mount, large video head /CF tripod, Nikon Polarizer, 8X ND, Headphones). But I find that with "D" lenses so I can change F stops during shooting the footage I get is really good, but I use all of these things every time I shoot video, but the good thing is that these work with every camera I have or will have even my EP5.

BTW, I see the new version Tascam DR-60DII Camera Essentials Kit is $219 versus $189 now, and it comes with Sound Forge Pro (Sony) which is a good program with lots of capability for modifying sound.
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