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TC-14E II and sigma lenses...

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by icecavern, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. OK so I got myself the Sigma 300/2.8 but when I fly to Malta next month there is no way I can take it with me, it's just too heavy, so I'll be packing the 10-20, the beast, and the 80-200. But... We might go on one of the whale boats during the trip and so I'm thinking I need some more length just in case.

    I've also been thinking of getting a TC for the Sigma so I can get more length on that while I'm shooting wildlife.

    So the question is, if I get a Nikon TC-14E II which will work with the 80-200, will it also work on the Sigma? I was thinking of getting the Sigma 1.4x but aparently that won't work with the nikon lenses...

    Anyone got any ideas on the nikon working with the sigma lens? Or an alternative that will work with AFS and HSM lenses?

  2. Sigma and Nikon TCs don't work well with each others' lenses. Stick with the maker's TCs.
  3. lamk

    lamk Guest

    Sigma zoom will only work with sigma teleconvertor. It will not work with kenko, tamron or nikon teleconvertor. Been there. sigma zoom with nikon teleconvertor will sort of work with a d50 but hunt excessively and jerk the lens back and forth. Sigma lens with nikon teleconvertor and a D200 is a deadly combo, it will shut down your d200 completely like the blue screen of death and you'll have to yank the battery and replace before you can use the body again, not recommended!!!!!
  4. weiran


    Jan 2, 2007
    Nottingham, UK
    The TC can work if you saw of a bit from it that sticks out... not recommended considering the price of a Sigma TC which would work just as well or even better!
  5. get a kenko 1.4 D300 TC.It will work with your sigma and nikon lenses.
  6. I like my Kenko 1.4 a lot Dave. The issue I find with it is that it doesn't work well with some lenses. I had problems with an older AF Nikkor 300/4, and my 180/2.8 isn't especially good with it. The most disappointing though, was the tremendous CA I get on some images when I have the Kenko TC mounted to my AF Nikkor 300/2.8. Still, the fact that it will provide AF with f5.6 lenses in nice.
  7. Consider Kenko. They work beautifully on both Nikon and Sigma lenses 70mm and above, so long as they have sufficient light.
  8. weiran


    Jan 2, 2007
    Nottingham, UK
    Kenko TCs don't AF on my Sigma 70-200mm so make sure before you buy.
  9. No they don't Harry, as stated in other posts. They are a terrific converter and work on many lenses but, not universal by any stretch.
  10. Mike, I think Pete should try a kenko on his 80-200 first before buying a dedicated Nikon tc. Maybe try on all his lenses to see if he is going to be happy with the result.
    Well, the only other real option is to spend the money and buy a sigma 1.4 tc and a Nikon 1.4 tc. I used to have a kenko 1.4, but sold it due to poorer image quality than I was ready to accept.
    I don't own the Nikon 1.4 tc, but do have both of the sigma tc's (1.4 and 2) and the Nikon 1.7.
    Hmmm, I have stacked my sigma TC's on my 120-300 and had stunning results, for a stack that is, 840mm:eek: 
  11. Dave -
    What's not to like, an 840/f8!
  12. If I stacked a 1.7 and 2 x's tc on my 400 f/2.8,,, I don't know if it can be done, but, well. that is a 1360mm f /9.6. I think a better result would be from an 800mm sigma with the 2 x's tc.....1600mm at f/11.2. Phil K showed it with a nikon 800 AIS and a 2 x's tc the other day. Pretty amazing results of the moon, no cropping!
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  13. Consider that its fairly well documented that Sigma lenses not only perform exceptionally well with matched Sigma tc's, but that Sigmas matched with non-Sigmas are notoriously problematic. Also consider that the price differential between Sigma tc's and Kenko/Tamron tc's is small. You have a $2500 lens, one of Sigma's finest (I have one too...vastly underrated or else I have an exceptional copy). I would not compromise the image quality of a lens of that caliber by not using the best tc I could get. The Sigma tc's are superb on this lens!
  14. SO what I'm hearing here is that to get the IQ I want I'm going to have to get Nikon TC's for the Nikon lenses and Sigma TC's for the Sigma lens?

    Priority will have to go to the Nikon one before Septemebr then I guess.

    Thanks for your comments all. :) 
  15. That's been my experience; yes.
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