TC14-II question

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by Czechman01, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. I just scored one of these used and there is no instructions... It "looks" pretty straight forward but one never knows what horrors await one false move.

    Is thing as simple as it appears or is there anything I should know before using it with my 70-200 VR?


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    TCs do decrease image quality. When you are aware of this basic fact, just forget about it and go on shooting with or without a TC on your lens. It's really that simple.
  3. The TC14E-II is about the best TC you can get - very sharp so it has the least degradation. Put it on the lens, and then put the whole thing onto the camera, do NOT put the TC on the camera and then install the lens. Enjoy and don't forget to show us! I use it EXTENSIVELY on my 70-200VR and love it.
  4. Thanks Sandi, that's exactly the information I needed. Can't wait to give it a go.

  5. Just curious Sandi. Why do you say put the converter on the lens first?

  6. Because it's a really twitchy fit, and if you try to put the lens onto the camera/teleconverter, there's a chance you're going to knock something out of kilter... You delicately put the TC onto the lens, then put the duo onto the camera - best way, as discussed with others who own TC's.
  7. Woody, the only other thing I would add is that you also need to keep in mind that the inherent "softness" that can occur at wider apertures with a given lens will occur at smaller apertures with a TC on. This is less of an issue with the TC-14 (since it has less of an impact on minimum f-stop), but it's still there. This will probably not be a significant issue with the 70-200 unless you try to shoot wide-open with it.
  8. Thanks Sandi. I have been having problems with this combo giving me error messages a lot. When I turn the camera on off then on it stops but it does it again a few minutes later. I took it to Nikon and they say everything is normal (typical). Maybe your suggestion will solve the problem.

  9. Had a chance to do a quick test and I agree that it's a bit less tricky to mount lens to TC and then attach it to the camera.

    I also agree that wide open is not where you want to be with this combo. Stunning image quality can be had, but not at that end of the range.

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