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Mar 6, 2006
Brandon, MS
I shot a small swim teams (40 kids) T&I last week and between getting the orders correct, uploading the correct crops, team pictures orders and all the other junk, I almost went insane... for just 40 kids and a small package.

I'm doing 400 in the fall for a football league and I'm starting to get real nervous about my workflow. They want the options for pins, cards, regular pics, posters, magazine covers... the works. I can see how this would easily drive me beyond normal insanity into the realm of the criminally insane. :biggrin: The different crops for the different products is enough to make my head swim.

Does anyone have a workflow to kinda help with this process? I tried the ROES from MPIX and as soon as I realized I couldn't change the font or font color I dumped it. Thought about some templates for photoshop but your still talking weeks of 12 hour nights getting the orders correct and organized. I know this is a long post but I'm at my wits end trying to find a viable solution. I know it's hard work and don't mind it but if there is a way to ease the process a bit I'd love to hear your ideas.

Mar 14, 2006
New Jersey
It's all about workflow. A friend of mine does a lot of these and I believe he uses a company called "Sports and Schools" for his T&I full fillment.

Rather than MPIX, I would use their pro arm called Millers Lb where you have more flexibility to change the colors and background and stuff. They trading cards and memory mates come out great.
Feb 1, 2006
Lansdowne, PA
I actually use Mpix, however I don't use their templates. I make a photoshop action to add any text or do Memory mates etc.

I also wrote a program that lets me define what the customer ordered and then I drag the photo that I select for the cropping for the various products and the program makes multiple copies of the photo named according to the cropping that needs to be done. Ie: 1x8x10 Stewart.jpg if they ordered an 8x10. Then all I need to do is load up their photos that are named with my convention and crop to the filename. After that, MPIX Roes to upload and good to go. Then its sorting them when they come back.

Good times ...

I pay someone to do most of that ;)


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