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  1. Hi all there

    while reading an interesting article of Jason Odell about focusing with D2 series, I tried to figure out and summarize ideas and some questions.
    If anything is wrong or if someone has the answers to my questions, feel free to complete it, thanks.

    Here's the post:

    and the article:

    And this is what I'm summarizing / asking:

    1) if you have no objects between you and your subject, and this is moving from/to you quickly, the AF-C setting, AF-ON only, Lock-on OFF should be used.

    Why, in this case, you shouldn't use the "focus priority" in the AF-C mode if the camera continues focusing it and you have the lock-on off? Shouldn't be the subject in focus, both when moving and or when stopping and you release the AF-ON button? :confused:

    2) When it moves you HAVEN'T to release the AF-ON, just click the shutter while keeping AF-ON active, isn't it?

    3) horizontal panning and use of flash require attention, as also the use of any vr lens for the reasons Jim explained.

    4) By using this technique, you get both the benefices of a AF-S shot while shooting in AF-C mode.

    5) AF Lock on is useful when there could be subjects interposing between you and your subject like a football match or an horizontal panning.

    As said, I'd like to understand better the fine tuning among Focus priority - FPS + AF and FPS only priority mode in AF-C. Since the AF-ON release assures you the subject is in focus when it stops, why the camera should think it's out of focus and you would be required to use the FPS priority and not the focus priority or the FPS+AF? :confused:

    Thanks in advance.

    ps: another thing: it looks like the D200 can get much more easily the 5 fps and get much better shots.
  2. Nikhe


    Oct 8, 2006
    I´ll try to answer from my experiences.

    1. When you recompose your shot the subject you focused on will probably be out of focus, if your camera is set to focus priority it will refuse to take the shot. So to effectively be able to use the AF-On you have to set your camera to release priority so it lets you decide when to take the photo.

    2. Yes.

    3. Not sure what you mean.

    4. Yes, you get the benefits of both if used properly.

    5. Yes, but mine is always set to off, so I don´t know which setting is the best in that case, long, short or normal.

    I use the AF-On button nearly all of the time, but after shooting motorsports for several hours my wrist tends to hurt a bit from the extra thumb movement required too reach the button.
    But then again, my wrists has gotten a lot of beating from falling of motorcycles over the years..

    If you just start to use the AF-On button you will soon get the hang of it and will find it hard to switch back.
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