Techniques to use monopods

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    I learned a lot from luminaries about tripod from the thread on Gitzo. I hope I can learn some techniques about using monopods, with which I did not seem to succeed well. The setup is Feisol monopod and balancing the camera on one leg is a difficult act to do. I usually lean the monopod against my leg for better results. Thanks in advance.
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    May 17, 2005
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    lpcd (I hope you'll give us a real name to address you.):
    Here's a halfway decent discussion of the right and wrong ways to use a monopod. [As with most things in life, technique is important.]
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    I simply extend the leg, put it out in front of me trying not to bump it with my fat stomach and shoot. The less it touches my body the better the pictures. Pressing down on it helps hold it still.
  4. Generally, I only use it with long lenses. Attach straight to lens mounting foot (no head), and put hand on top of lens towards the front to steady; push camera against forehead. I can manage 1/50 at 400mm routinely with this method.

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    Thanks everyone. I will practice these techniques and hopefully improve.
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