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  1. In the mountain above Pindaya in central Myanmar, there is a cave with 8000 images of the Buddha and some very interesting meditiation cells. It is moist and stuffy and just amazing to see.
    When I first visited in 2005 there was one guesthouse that allowed foreigners and I was the only tourist in town that day. I ate dinner at the restaurant (Shan food) across the street from the guesthouse and when I left they shut off the lights and the waiter came with me with a flashlight to light my way back to my guesthouse.
    The town had changed somewhat, was still off the beaten track and the only Westerners there besides us were day trippers from the tourist towns around Inle Lake.

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  2. Stunning photo. Please post more..
  3. gryphon1911


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    Great range of tones.
    Like the leading lines from the staircase

    Possible Enhancements:
    Would love to see a human element in the image.
  4. Like the limited color--gold on the statues, and the sense of mystery created by the sharply curving stairs. Would have liked some deeper shadows.
  5. Thanks for looking and even more for comments.

    I waited for a while, hoping to get an individual but there were a couple of groups who filled too much of the space and hid the detail so I just got bored eventually.
    You are right,of course, that a human, even a blurred one, would have given better sense of scale.
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  6. The magic of going to the rural areas of third world countries is that the real differences that are partially obscured in cities become obvious.
    I take these pictures specifically to remind myself of those differences.
    THis first is a view of the steps to the temple cave.
    The parking lot below is for day-trip tourist buses from Inle Lake.
    Altho this looks like a nice walk, you should take into effect that this is halfway up the mountain and it is always damn hot.


    This is detail on the courtyard of a temple down n the town.

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  7. Now that is a neat idea!
  8. BrianDW


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    Great shots, and interesting background story.
  9. kilofoxtrott

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    Hi Lew,
    fantastic pictures of an very interesting place.
    I was a little scared by the swastika. But I know in the Burman culture it has nothing to do with our German history.

    Thank you for showing
  10. rick_reno


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    Very nice Lew, I like both photos. Interesting place, thanks for the background story.
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