Testing for Bird Flu

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  1. I went down to the beach this morning to try and get some shots of shore birds. While I was there, a group from the NJ Fish and Wildlife showed up to capture some gulls. There purpose was to net between 25-50 birds and sample their blood. They used a large net that is launched by a small explosive charge. The full sequence of my pictures can be found here.
    Enjoy :smile:


    Here are a couple shots from that sequence

    Setting the Net

    Preparing to fire the charge

    The Net is launched

    Removing the birds from the net

    Retrieving the birds

    Preparing to take blood samples
  2. You're not kidding us. They were just sick and tired of paying the high price for chicken at the store. *-) Interesting....very interesting.
  3. Hey, they catch fish with nets, don't they. Seriously I am glad to see someone checking for disease LOL:smile:
  4. Hi Ed and good post. We use this method to trap wintering eagles for satilite transmitter' s to be placed so migration can be followed. But last year and this year we did this same thing to a sampleing of 8 week old eaglets but not for Flu but Mercury and lead and a DNA series was started. (Done in the nest no nets)
    Tell me do you know if they found any infected birds and also I wonder if they do a lead and mercury test as you never know about the ocean any more. Being you are in N.J it would be nice to know if any were found and I would hope the NWF would have a news letter out on something like this.
    Any way good info
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  5. Hi Lou,
    Thanks for your comments. I don't know if they found anything. I didn't stay after they had the birds captured. The bugs were getting thick LOL. The only thing that I know is they were supporting people directly interested in Bird Flu. It was very interesting to watch them though. As far as I know they were going to move to tother beaches and repeat the procedure.:smile:
  6. Thanks for showing this to us. Very interesting.
  7. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Great series and great pic Ed
    You're really the NC PJ:>)))))

    Thank You for the very interesting information
  8. Hi,
    I am glad that you enjoyed it. :smile:
  9. Hi Gale,
    I try. Thanks for your comments. It was very interesting watching these folks work with the birds.:smile:
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