Thank Heaven for Little Girls ...

Discussion in 'People' started by W.Ray, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. especially ones that won't sit still!

  2. bryan

    bryan Guest

    she looks like she sat still long enough for you to take the picture... look at those cheeks!
  3. Ray........... I needed something to make me smile today....... and this is it my friend!

    Thank you for that! :redface:

    A wonderful image! :eek:

  4. Bryan, I think it was a down moment right after finishing lunch. Gotta grab while you can!:biggrin:

    Glad to oblige! Just a candid shot of the girl. She and her parents, wife's daughter from a previous marriage and her husband, were up visiting from San Diego.
  5. Seneca


    Dec 4, 2006
    How very cute is that? Love the picture.
  6. thank heaven for little girls, because later they grow into teenagers :(
  7. Yep, she's a cutie all right!

    Lol! Been there and done that. Now they're all in their twenties and thirties! Grandkids are fun - play with them then giv'em back to their parents! :biggrin:
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